Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So long 2008, New Years Resolution.

New years! 2008 was a great year. Finding myself more on who I am or what I want to become. President Obama was elected and now those racial barriers of many years are being broken. My grandpa cried that night of the election, tears of joy. Saying you really can become ANYTHING, even the president. Its crazy right? Just think at where we were when we were first brought (dragged) to America? We were building America and now we've finally got to run it too. He's the first black and man of color president. I've had great losses of close people I knew, but it was their time to go and just have to understand that their gone because the Lord sad it was time to come home.

* Better relationship with God, I really want to be closer to him.
* Stay fit, flatter abs
* Good grades, I need better study habits!
* Go to bed earlier
* Save money
* Spend more time with people I care about
* Do more things with the church
* Learn to sew

Go to New Years eve party with family.

The Queen Of Great Finds!

I'm the QUEEN of good prices! Well the day after Christmas I went with a good friend to the Modesto Mall to forever 21 and ran into the cutest shades ever! They are Ray Ban inspired shades, I always wanted a pair of these badly! Know what I liked even better? The price, $5.80 each, doesn't get any better than that, especially when the sunglasses man was trying to sale ones similar to these for 10-14 dollars. :] Hollla!


Who said just because you have an afro means your hair is bad or nappy?
Rock on my soul brothas and sistas! :] Afro beauty= Afro Pride.

Poppy Polish N.Y.C.

N.Y.C nail polish is a fav of mine besides O.P.I. I like it also because its for a good price and still good quality! With my Christmas Target gift card I bought these, Lime green, orange, Pink, and a Purple type color you can't really tell with this crappy photo! I'll post photos with them on. I'm currently wearing a deep blue polish my Ma has had for years, it was thick about to dry out. Does anyone have those good polishes that have a lot left and clumped? Heres a Tip my mammi gave me: add a bit of nail polish remover into the polish bottle and shake, test it out and if still thick apply more remover. I'm sticking by it because I do that all the time to my mega thick polish bottles!

Make-up Box!

So its been FOREVER that I've wanted a makeup box! Its just something about them...
Makes you feel like a pro with it! I got it at target for $20 but maybe I should have got a biggwer one for $30 but its lovely for a first one!
I needed to brake this baby in, so I took all my makeup from my makeup bag, and went and bought some new Cosmetics as well.
I bought tons of eye liner, liquid eyeliner, and lip gloss.
Then my mammi yes thats how I spell it when its towards my "mother" or Ma got me brown mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, and eye shadows. I have like 5 black eye liners!

(sorry about the dim photos! Taken from sidekick

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My hair!

Doing a 2009 challenge! I joined and i'm so addicted to the site! Awesome

hair tips and women of color that have hair to their waist and showing that black hair is

beautiful and we can grow our hair long! I'm sticking to that site and starting to frequently visit

many women's blogs to find the best advice out there for hair.

I want my hair to be at armpit length.

my hair 3 months ago:


omg its been forever on here! Why? Because of school and i forgot the password on here! lol

haahaha. I couldn't figure out what direction I wanted to take this blog so I'm going to continue

it as a public journal but also Hair, Fashion, and make-up THE 3 FAVES! :}

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Woah i've been on a long Hiatas....

Hello everyone. I know I haven't been on here in ages. Its just school has started and tons of homework is assigned. I'm only in two pre-IB classes! My grades are spiraling due to Geometry and Language Arts Literature. Math has never been my strongest subject, I'd understand some concepts pretty well then the remainder I can't grasp for some reason. Its okay because starting next week I'll be going to a tutor specifically for Math. Yay! I am excited, because I truly wish math was a breez for me. I love it and the feeling when you understand it, but when I don't I'm ready to scream and quit trying to learn it lol. Theres so much I've been up to lately.
  • Now in voice lessons once a week
  • Math tutoring starting Next Week
  • signing up for Kick boxing soon
  • shopped a bit more
  • room has been complete for a while, I'll post a picture soon
  • actually would enjoy the company of having a boyfriend! Thats really shocking for me since I'm so indie (independent).
  • In school clubs but have been to zero meetings when theres been about 4 so far. (Hahaha)'
Well its nice to check in. I'm back and will at least come on once a week. ;]

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diary Entry

Dear Bligary,

Well today I had to wake up bright and early to leave my room. Well the attic door is in my room and so they were going in their. This is the third day I had to wake up like this and sleep UNCOMFORTABLE on the couch! Well like I said the rooms are finished painted now. The electricians were over to install fans in our rooms. We have air conditioners, but sometimes it comes on in my room when it feels like it. Their lovely! I'll be posting pictures tomorrow. Today I had to type an essay for my Pre-IB history class. Its pretty long. I spent about 3 hours on it, I'm half way done with it, I only have tomorrow to finish it because school is this Wednesday. Weird right? School starts in the middle of the week, its pretty cool though. I still haven't went CLOTHING shopping and SCHOOL SUPPLY shopping! Crazy right? Ugh I kept telling my parents we should have been went... But no.... They don't want to listen to me. Remember how I once said I donated a ton of my clothes? Well I only have like 4 shirts left and 7 pairs of jeans.... So we better be going this weekend or after school. Its pissing me off! I still need a tote/messenger bag.... I have nothing!!! Grrrr.....
Well I'm pretty tired.
peace out,

- SB

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Diary Entry Friday

Dear Bligary,

Hey, I know I have been M.I.A. on here for two days again. I've just been so busy again! So yesterday I went to the Raiders verse the 49ers football game. It was really fun! You know us Raiders fans are the craziest and amped of all, so of course it was hectic in the stands. Me and my cousins who are 16 and 14; we took the Bart alone. Lets just say that the experience was ummm different. People were decent, but of course you do come across rude, smelly, crazy people. I had a good time though, I haven't been to a football came in about 6 years. On the way back from the train, we ran into some friends that neither of us have seen in years which gave us time to catch up. So lastly, we stopped at In N Out (my favorite burger joint).

Whats up with my room?
I haven't posted my After pictures yet, because the rooms had to be painted now. Its actually being painted as we speak. The color is a soft Green. I know what your thinking, Green for a girl? lol, its because I'm having an Indian themed room. I'm back to the canopy bed again and maybe some floor pillows.
What website am I on now?
I am always on a new website. About once a week I become a member on some fun site. So my father told me about its pretty fun! Its pretty much for you to interact, and dance. I need to figure out how to do different dance moves....
Well over & out!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday Diary Entry

Dear Bilgary,

Hey. I know I've been M.IA. for a day or so but its perfectly good reasoning for that! I had no access to a computer in my house, everyone was on the computers so I just waited as long as I could. Then, when I was able to get on I was too tired to even type! Haha. So, what have I done today? hmm... I finally wen to the nail shoppe and got my acrylic nails taken off of about 4 weeks. I know thats so long to keep them on but, I was so busy to even sit down and wait for them to be removed. Their now painted a neon pink. Very bold, just like my personality I shall say... New topic, tomorrow (Wednesday) is registration for school. Its so soon! I already picked out my outfit, the reason is because we're taking I.D. photos. Last year I did not know that and my school picture for the entire year was hideous! So, I plan to be prepared to look glamorous, ha. Well myself actually, I'm wearing High waisted skinny jeans, blue tee shirt, a bunch of silver bangles, and my new gun necklace I mention on here a couple days ago. As for the hair, a simple flat iron with my ends tucked in and a side bang covering my left eye. Not bad ey?

Okay, so I really though I was the only one, but I had talked to a couple of close friends who are also excited for school! I am excited for the new start, new learning, and making new friends. For the learning I plan to change my study habits, my grades were pretty good last year, but I know for a fact that they could have been better. So with that said homework is coming first as soon as I get home from school after I eat lol. As for friendships, I'm happy with the close friends I have, but I'd love to make more close friends in my life that are from different genres. When I mean that I mean (skater,punk,goth,urban,prep,etc.). I'm not under a label, but I know people who are. My goal is to try to get straight A's even if it kills me. If I have to study until 4 in the morning on a school night to pass my test so be it! I want to come to my school with a highly certain and positive attitude!
Love & hugs,
Sarah Brooke`.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry Sunday

Dear Bligary,

Hola, I know I didn't post anything yesterday. I apologize! Today I went to church and it was a good lesson. I was on my phone on Nordstroms looking at totes/messenger bags (sorry Jesus!), by the way its a Side Kick Slide. Anyways, after church my sister let me drive to the mall. I was so excited. I don't have a permit or old enough to apply for one yet, only 4 months left so (shh its a secret!)lol. She said I did good, which I did. I was going like 25miles though aahhaha. Anyways, I finally organized majority of my belongings. I chose the clothing I wanted to keep and the rest is being donated to the less fortunate. I am a huge magazine collector, but since my room is being redesigned my mother is making me trash a bunch of stuff! So I had over 500 magazines, and I'm now down to about 45 ;[... Its so heart breaking. So I am only collecting Teen Vogues, Allure, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazzar, and a couple Glamour Magazines. I've been browsing on the internet on what I'd like to spend my saved cash on. I found a couple pairs, but none that excite me, except for Blowfish boos. So whats next for me to organize tomorrow? my purses, shoes, Pajamas, and intimates.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Diary Entry Friday

Dear Bilgary,

I actually went somewhere today! It was a hot day, my aunt from Vegas came to visit to drop off some clothing to her son that lives with my family. He's 11, very funny yet annoying child, but he's intelligent. He has a well extended vocabulary. Better than mine! haha. I've been feeling drowsy all day, maybe from lack of sleep. I should start going to bed earlier now since school is in two weeks. In the evening me and my siblings (along with my cousin & aunt) went to our mall. I actually purchased something necessary, a hot necklace at Hottopic with my favorite weapons; guns and brass knuckles! Its edgy, which is totally one of my favorite things, edge, grunge. I also went to my favorite book store, Barnes a& Nobles to buy my addiction: Magazines and Starbucks. What magazines ey? Glamour Magazine & Cosmo Girl. After the mall I got to drive home partially, I must admit I'm a pretty decent driver but turning quickly is rather challenging for me. But I'm determined to get it down.
Money Success:
If you really know me you'd know I can't save money for my life! Its just so hard, as soon as its in my hand its already in a cash register. Shockingly I've actually been saving money lately! Yay me! Ok, on the day of my birthday I had gotten 300 dollars, I only spent around 200, and put the other 100 something in the bank. Now I have 112! May not sound like much, but for me to I save that since July 9th is crazy, I also have the other half of my money in my papi's pocket which is 200 or maybe he'll put more than that in. After that I'll have 312 or more and I'm happy. Haha then my grandma is sending us some money so I'm going to be pretty loaded!
With my babysitting job I now have I hope she will call me soon for me to babysit I get paid 8 dollars an hour. Cool right? The money will go straight to the bank. The plan for me is to open a checking account so I can order stuff online whenever I want without parents approval cool right? I'm going to the bank to arrange that all next week. No more shopping in stores for me, strictly online I hope.

Nighty Night!

Sarah Brooke

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diary Entry Thurs.

Dear Bligary,
So today was like any other day... I woke up hopped on the computer and chilled. I went on my style mob profile and found out I was most mobbed today, woohoo! lol I was very shocked. hm what next? I realize I don't eat too much, like Today I woke up around 11 and the only thing I had until 7pm was a cup of Hot Mocha. I was hungry but I couldn't eat... Its been like that for some time. I realize that I only have 14 days left until school starts! I'm happy but I need to hurry and shop. ughh. Then I need to get eyes shadows, jewelry, shoes, and supplies. Not to mention my school supplies. I plan on packing light this year. lol My bag was always heavy last year!
I'm getting a messenger bag and a couple totes to switch it up. I'm planning on sketching today because I keep forgetting to draw! Now I'm about to eat dinner. haha.
peace out,
Sarah Brooke`

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obssessed With Them!!

Two artists that I'm currently obsessed with are Kerli and Duffy. They brighten my day! I Know that sounds a bit cliche but its true. Kerli's Alternative music with cranking beats make me want to dance in circles and rock out! Duffy's Soul music does remind me of Amy, but you can still tell the difference they have. Duffy's music is smooth, mellow... When I play it, it calms my soul and makes me want to think or so art. lol My madre says it reminds her of house music in a good way. I can definitely see her becoming a legend if she keeps heading in the direction she's in. I own both their albums and I highly suggest you get out and buy them!

Diary Entry Wed.

Dear Bligary,

Today I actually did something other than staying at home! Well I now have nothing in my room but a mattress on the new floors, magazines, fan, and my phone charger. My T.V. isn't in here! I feel so unconnected, we only have on television that is hooked up to our cable (Comcast) and thats in the living room. Its crucial! Its only been some hours and we're arguing over what shows to watch. Its like we're living Amish haha! But my brothers are playing on the Xbox360 on another T.V. At the theaters I saw X Files. I somewhat liked it! My sister (Akeiba), hated it, she thought it was dumb. I give it 3 stars maybe. What movie I'm excited for coming out August 6th, SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2! I never read the book(s) but I loved the first movie. Maybe I should. For the rest of the night I plan to read my magazines in my lonesome room and try to get inspiration to sketch. I have to be in an element to sketch lol. Now that four rooms are completed we have two more rooms left to do. The office and family room is now what we have to clean out tonight, rghh.
Well see you in the morning,

Good Night!

DIY Necklaces. Fashion Post

I am falling in love with Dries Van Noten. Heres a DIY necklace. Its just a short length necklace and chunky bangles. Very simple right? I'm going to make one soon and post a picture once I purchase the Bangles and chain. Hit Or Miss?

Sorry, Heres Tuesday's Diary

Dear Bligary,

Today I had to clean like crazy, with the help of only myself. I know, its taking me forever to clean, its because I keep getting distracted by the computer or food. Haha. So I managed to snap a few before shots of my room on my Sidekick. Sorry if their too dark to see! My room looks a total mess, and very plain. lol Almost as if I'm incarcerated. Now for the new theme for my room, Vintage Black and White, with mellow yellow walls to add some color. I'll post my plans of the furniture in it!

Good Morning!

Morning Everyone! Today my madre had woken me up at around 9, which is way too early for me! Its because my room is being redone now. I had to clean up all my junk. I collect over 300 magazines and I really don't want to throw away any because I look at them for further reference on fashion or posing inspiration. She can't seem to understand that. I know for sure I want to keep my Teen Vogues, Marie Claires, Allure, and Miss Behaves. I own a bunch more of other brands but I guess I'll sacrifice them ;[.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sunday was my little cousin Josiah's first birthday! He's too cute isn't he? Well the party was fun, alot of people were there (mainly adults there of course). His theme was Disney themed. He hated the birthday hat and he did not like the cake! Haha. I did... The party was all good until a little child was playing in the jumper, he brother flipped him in the air and made his nose hit his knee. Blood was everywhere and a huge bump covered his face. They took him to the hospital and it was reported broken. Poor kid, but he is bad so... Little cousin I'm happy your a year old and I can't wait for you to start walking!

Plans of My Life

Okay so Heres a list of my life goals
[ ]Have a clothing line
[ ] Have a bedding line
[ ] Have a shoe line
[ ] have a cosmetic line
[ ] have a perfume line
[ ] own television network
[ ] Act in movies
[ ] own magazine brand.

A lot right?
Can I do it? I think I can. the clothing is already getting set in motion in mid 2009 I plan to be pretty far with drawings.

Shopping Like a Mad Man! No Mad Woman lol..

Well Soon and very soon I have to go wardrobe shopping.
I'm donating/giving away a ton of my clothes because I'm getting new ones
So heres a list so far, you other fashion Lovers anything I should add on?
The List:
Striped cardigan
preppy Blazer
messenger tbag
Seattle rain boots
Blow Fish boots
Ariel Blue Trench Coat
Addison Oxford Jazz shoes
Blow Fish Hobbit Sneakers
Silk neck scarves
Boho Bangles chunky
Those homeless type gloves [the ones that let your fingers show lol]
Black skinny jeans
American apparel black shiny leggings.

First Post!

Hello Bloggers. I had a Blog account already but its been taken over by a gossip site.
So I figured why not make another and post daily like a diary?
I will! I'm always bored.

Dear Bligary,
Today the carpet man came over. Well not really carpet man because we're getting it ripped out and brown wood floors in our house. It looks so good! The man is so fast at doing it. He started in my mother and father's humongous room and is 75% done. I think he might be doing mine tommorow which is an utterly mess. By the way I switched rooms with my brothers since its only me in one room and they need the space. Its just I was really attached to my closet space! Their former closet was tiny... But the closet system people came over today as well so I can get built in drawers and shelvings. Its like HGTV over here minus the television people! Haha... The whole house is being redone. I should take pictures and post before and after. Right now my room is looking like a dungeon with the gray walls and football posters, yuck! Well going on style mob TTYL!