Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Known to Walk Alone cause I'm Alone For a Reason

Today I felt like throwing on a pair of jeans and out the door, so thats what I did. Today was decent..I woke up at 1:37 PM GOODNESSS! I need to start going to bed earlier, school starting in 2 weeks and I have this habit of going to bed at 5 in the morning. I plan to go to bed at 1AM tonight. lol
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The Break Down:

T-shirt: Hard Rock Cafe "Bon Jovi"

Jeans: Guess brand from the thrift store for like 10 bucks

Wedges: unkown

Shades: F21

Purse: H&M

Break Down on Hair:

I braided my hair not close to the scalp infact 5 inches from roots is where I began to braid and tied ends with rubberbands. I didn't braid all the way to ends I left 2inch unbraided hair. I then boiled water, more like luke warm boiled some water and let it cool to a warm temperater, poured water into a tall cup and dipped my hair in the cup of warm water for like 15 seconds each braid. Towel blotted braids and then blowdried the braids for 2 min, unbraided hair and blasted my roots to lift the hair and create a fluff to it.

Videos of me and my natural hairstyles

Posted a video on youtube of me and my natural hairstyles!

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I spy with my little eyes...

Hot inexpensive shoes with my little eyes! I was browsing on Alloy for some cute simple black heels with thick heels and some thigh high boots. I found a few heels I like:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nature at its best

Finally bought a camera charger! I only went to like 3 stores today. Haven't been out the house since I came back from Mississippi lol. Today was basic for me. Heres what I wore today

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The Break Down:
Dress by: Poof
Shoes by: Bamboo
Neckalace from: rain forest cafe
Makeup: [very basic]
Frost pink lip stick
berry colored lip gloss
light brown and bronze color shadow

New internet buys

Did some internet shopping last night! I was doing some vintage browsing, and I was thinking of buying something off modcloth but I saw some hot clothes of Doris Apparel. Can't wait to recieve them and take pics for yall! I totally need to go buy my battery charger for my camera because I left my charger in Vegas....


Baggy pants

Teal of hearts dress

Ballet Dress

Jc Penny finds!

I saw in the Seventeen magazine some hot jeans that were black striped skinnies with cuts that had pink in them but they are not on there yet!! So I saw some other things on there that I thought was cute.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Steve Madden Shoes Pre-Order

Hola Chicas! I was just browsing on Steve Madden and saw that theres a pre-order of a ton of hot shoes releasing soon!! I've been looking for some cute simple black shoes that I can wear awith almost anything. Heres the ones that I'm candying on:
Caged: $129.95
(below) Wedgiee $79.95(below)
Marniah $89.95
(below) Faxxon $109.95Blondee $99.95(below)

Monday, July 27, 2009

back from mississippi!

back from mississippi!! I will update yall tomorrow lol. I got some good buys I thought I'd share. its on fashion,makeup, and hair!! Haha.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey yall! I'm gone to Missippi for 10 days :]] I'm quick typing this before I head out the door.

Peace love & blessings yall!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My love for Afros

I love afro's! Kinky,curly, wavy. I like em fluffy and big. Back when I was younger I used to want bone straight hair, I thought it was prettier and better than curls & kinks on me. I would hate to rock my hair in a puff! You know that day of your hair apppointment so you go to school with your hair freshly washed in a puff ready to go get done after school. lol. But for the past two years my views had changed drastically. I love my hair, every kink of it ya heard! I now see I wasn't ment to have bone straight hair 24/7. Its really not my cup of tea too much, I really want a huge fro. I've been picturing myself with the enormous fro and me sitting on a stool singing with a live band. Yeah its my destiny to get to that. Here's a video of Afro's.

dyed my hair and streaked it!

Updates on my hair: I wanted to do something fun to my hair and dye it. I've been wanting to do that for quite some time now. I mainly wanted to do it so when I rocked my hair curly, fluffly in a fro' it'd stand out annd look so cute. I'm digging the colors, maybe next time I'll get silver/platinum streks. in the coloring in my hair is a black rinse and some chocolate red streaks. You like?

I've gotten this addiction for short cuts!!

AND THE OBSESSION KEEPS ON GOING.. I keep on seeinghot short cuts that are making me want to go perm my hair and chop my hair short !!lil
A little information on my hair:I'm natural meaning no chemicals. My hair in hair langage is a 3c/4a, and is arm pit length.
I'm loving all these cuts around me! And I never EVER used to be a fan of short hair on me, but ever since I tried on some hair wigs that are short its made me want to get one. SO I DID! LOL I wouldn't cut my real hair off, ladies if you don't want to chop your hair off for a short due, do what I did, buy a short cut wig! Life's all about fun and memories ;]]. I also just ordered this really short due wig and its fire. Can't wait to get it and rock it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I bought a wig [ i know i get im too young to have one]

[i LOOK a mess in this picture lol]

I'm a fan of I got this interest in wigs [my mother laughs at me cause she doesn't get why I like wigs at such a young age], I think they are so cool! i like them becuase they are fun. I could be blonde hair with out dying my hair one day, and the next black haired lol. I'm digging the wig alot. . Its a little long in the back, I wish it were shorter, but its still very cute. I'm rocking it still! lol ! I get told I'm weird to like wigs now, too young, etc. Oh well hahaa.