Thursday, April 23, 2009


I know I'm missing in action but will post tommorrow! I'm busy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hawaii Photos

The photos I promised from Hawaii. During my visit its really had a huge impact on me,I plan on going to college out there now. The weather is great, and the atmosphere is chill and calm; I just like the vibe thats there. I know theres more colleges to check out, but they definately are high on my list to attending there. I also picked up a great number of accessories and a book on how to say words in Hawiian, so now I'll start speaking Hawiianglish lol Haha.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today is last day in Hawaii ;[[

Gosh I'm so hurt.... ;[[ Today is the last day I'm in Hawaii! Man it was so much fun I tell ya. I even surfed yesterday and I'm like afraid of the ocean like CRAZY! But I prayed before I went out there with the instructor and faced my fears. Godness I hope they took photos!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Going on to the Plane for Hawaii!

Just woke up, speed typing and tired as heck.... Flight is around 9 Am so I have to leave prettty early. UGH!! I'm so tired! Well everyone pray for my flight and that I make it safe, and vacation.
I love photos like these, in the Polynesian wear. I plan to do a photo like this! I can see it now haha it'll be hot.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Light on:Bodacious Plus Size Model Crystal Renn

Let me first begin with saying this chick is flawless! If you don't know her, she is plus size [thick madame I shall say] Crystal Renn. She's help tear down barriers for plus size women in the model industry and definately giving the people a run for their money. She started modeling at 14 and was told at a go-see that she should lose about 50 pounds! [Crazy right?] She basically listened to what the person had told her and had low self confidence...She gained 70 pounds years down the road but had a ridiculous amount of confidence and self esteem! She returned to the modeling business as a thick madame and couldn't be any happier. She's now a size 16 and hour glassed out! That shows people you could be thinner, but doesn't mean you feel that your beautiful or that you could be told that your pretty, but you feel that your not. I respect Crystal Renn, and that she has been fighting for oppurtunities for the curvier chicas.

3 Days until Hawaii!!

Exactly 3 days until I go to Hawaii for the first time! Its weird I've been to Japan before I've been to Hawaii and thats way on the other side of the world!! I'm so excited to go..The beach and the lovely weather, I hope theres hot guys there. My parents won't tell me what Island we're going ot because its a surprise. And yes the film crew is comming with. I'm hoping to get a tattoo with my mother while we're there. I'm trying to break her down to say yeah. I want us to get a very small Hawaiian flower on the left rist. If you don't know I do Tahitian/Hula [Polynesian represent!] dancing I've been doing it for a while now, but I'm still such a beginner! So maybe I could test out my dancing skills I've learned. I plan to buy so much jewelry there...

Tattoo Designs

I really like the first and the last one. What do you think everyone?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on me & my hairstyle

So I'm sorry I haven't been on here in some days! I'm sick with broncitus, and newly discovered I have asthma... Yes its disgusting, I'm coughing all the time and you know what comes up with the coughing. But I wanted to atleast post something today, and try to get to all of what I wanted to post tommorrow. I'm excited for next week because its when I get my hair done! [woohoo] lol. I currently have tree braids in and its really about time for these babies to come out, I have a good amount of NG (new growth) from what I could see. My upcomming hairstyle: Extensions/sew-in. I want a sew-in because the weather is so fickle right now in California, one day its hot and then the next day its raining. I love rocking my natural hair, but when its cold, rainy, and the winds blowing uncontrollably Its a no-go for me. So I ordered the extensions, its Indian, not Indian remy so its high quality! I'm excited it'll be my first time with some really expensive extensions. The most I've spend is like $120 a pack, I guess thats alot as well. hmm? I got it in 1B and its slightly curly, the woman told me that it doesn't knot [she had some in her hair] I felt how soft and natural looking it was so I was sold. Best part is that its the kind that you could re-use if taken care of properly, doesn't knot, and easy to comb

QUESTION FOR READERS: now ladies have you ever re-used your extensions? For weaving/braiding etc? And how was it?

The Style I want:

Basically I want it like the bombshell J-Hud's but shorter like up to the top of her bust line and more of a bang. I love her hair color I'm guessing thats a 1 or 1b.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Love her curls! Spotlight on model amina

You heard it here first, I found this beautiful German model Amina , Shes flawlessy beautiful. Thing I really couldn't take my eyes off of was her bouncy, fully of life curly tamed fro. Its nice isn't it? She's now added to my hair inspo's. She's half german, and half black.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I went to the Ellen show!

About two weeks ago I went to the Ellen show with my dad. He was on it. It was so fun! Honestly when it goes to commercials it plays all the jams! People start dancing and singing its like a party in there. Heres the photos I ment to post that week lol. Dad's in the back ground.

Make Up I bought 2 weeks ago

I went to Vegas a few weeks ago, with the family. If you don't know by now I have a major obsession with makeup! It just began this year and I love it. I've been buying tons of makeup books within the last 2 months currently owning 4. I haven't done a makeup video yet because I've been busy, but I manage to purchase makeup I like. I was in the Vegas mall and came pass a mineral makeup counter that had nice shadows. It was 2 for $40, but I learned how to bargin and the kind lady gave me 3 for $3o. Woohoo! I like the makeup because it can be used for anything. From lipgloss just by adding vasilene, blush, cream eye shadow by adding water etc, its never ending of all the posibilites! I will definately be buying more of these babies, they are awesome.
Shades: Green, Red, and Blue.
Exact color numbers: #454, #406, #432
Brand: Puree & color revolution