Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Post!

Hello Bloggers. I had a Blog account already but its been taken over by a gossip site.
So I figured why not make another and post daily like a diary?
I will! I'm always bored.

Dear Bligary,
Today the carpet man came over. Well not really carpet man because we're getting it ripped out and brown wood floors in our house. It looks so good! The man is so fast at doing it. He started in my mother and father's humongous room and is 75% done. I think he might be doing mine tommorow which is an utterly mess. By the way I switched rooms with my brothers since its only me in one room and they need the space. Its just I was really attached to my closet space! Their former closet was tiny... But the closet system people came over today as well so I can get built in drawers and shelvings. Its like HGTV over here minus the television people! Haha... The whole house is being redone. I should take pictures and post before and after. Right now my room is looking like a dungeon with the gray walls and football posters, yuck! Well going on style mob TTYL!

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