Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diary Entry

Dear Bligary,

Well today I had to wake up bright and early to leave my room. Well the attic door is in my room and so they were going in their. This is the third day I had to wake up like this and sleep UNCOMFORTABLE on the couch! Well like I said the rooms are finished painted now. The electricians were over to install fans in our rooms. We have air conditioners, but sometimes it comes on in my room when it feels like it. Their lovely! I'll be posting pictures tomorrow. Today I had to type an essay for my Pre-IB history class. Its pretty long. I spent about 3 hours on it, I'm half way done with it, I only have tomorrow to finish it because school is this Wednesday. Weird right? School starts in the middle of the week, its pretty cool though. I still haven't went CLOTHING shopping and SCHOOL SUPPLY shopping! Crazy right? Ugh I kept telling my parents we should have been went... But no.... They don't want to listen to me. Remember how I once said I donated a ton of my clothes? Well I only have like 4 shirts left and 7 pairs of jeans.... So we better be going this weekend or after school. Its pissing me off! I still need a tote/messenger bag.... I have nothing!!! Grrrr.....
Well I'm pretty tired.
peace out,

- SB

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