Saturday, May 14, 2011

Freeing the Natural Me

I'm entering the once known, but never completely understood knowing it. Does that even make any sense? Let me explain. I'm talking about my hair and how I'm ditching chemical altering on strands. I'm in the process of just letting majority of my hair be low maintained, but I still straighten certain areas weekly, which sadly enough is causing damage to my partial 6-month post BC (big chop). Partial BC I say because, a hairstylist begged to relax my edges and a smidgen section of my sides... I gave in once again, I should have just said now again. It's a fight to remain natural and happy when theres people opposing of it.

Now to the unknown that I want to be properly in a relationship with: my curls. I think in July/August, I want to ditch all extensions and see how I'd look without having long hair. Will the way people see me now see me differently? Will I still feel feminine? I'm so curious and excited to face the newly short-haired Kinky-curly natural me.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Being called beautiful

For some reason this past year I've been called beautiful or sexy, so much more than I ever have before in my younger years.... It's crazy. I have the worst confidence sometimes, and then someone out of no where will call me 'beautiful', and I just don't know how to take it, I'm flattered, and shocked. I was called beautiful by adults as a kid, but not really by people my age, they were so caught up telling the next girl she was beautiful because they were the lighter of the bunch. I used to be overlooked more often than none. It damaged me. I'm not writing this for pity, I'm writing this because its just so shocking of how things can change all of a sudden. I was the little girl with low self esteem, I was the little girl who hardly got compliments. That was me. And now, I'm starting to allow myself to see my own beauty.

I love to smile, But I hardly like to smile for photos because my cheeks are so huge, and my eyes tend to squint. But I remember this moment when I took this photo on my webcam. I was confident, I was happy.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011