Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diary Entry Thurs.

Dear Bligary,
So today was like any other day... I woke up hopped on the computer and chilled. I went on my style mob profile and found out I was most mobbed today, woohoo! lol I was very shocked. hm what next? I realize I don't eat too much, like Today I woke up around 11 and the only thing I had until 7pm was a cup of Hot Mocha. I was hungry but I couldn't eat... Its been like that for some time. I realize that I only have 14 days left until school starts! I'm happy but I need to hurry and shop. ughh. Then I need to get eyes shadows, jewelry, shoes, and supplies. Not to mention my school supplies. I plan on packing light this year. lol My bag was always heavy last year!
I'm getting a messenger bag and a couple totes to switch it up. I'm planning on sketching today because I keep forgetting to draw! Now I'm about to eat dinner. haha.
peace out,
Sarah Brooke`

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obssessed With Them!!

Two artists that I'm currently obsessed with are Kerli and Duffy. They brighten my day! I Know that sounds a bit cliche but its true. Kerli's Alternative music with cranking beats make me want to dance in circles and rock out! Duffy's Soul music does remind me of Amy, but you can still tell the difference they have. Duffy's music is smooth, mellow... When I play it, it calms my soul and makes me want to think or so art. lol My madre says it reminds her of house music in a good way. I can definitely see her becoming a legend if she keeps heading in the direction she's in. I own both their albums and I highly suggest you get out and buy them!

Diary Entry Wed.

Dear Bligary,

Today I actually did something other than staying at home! Well I now have nothing in my room but a mattress on the new floors, magazines, fan, and my phone charger. My T.V. isn't in here! I feel so unconnected, we only have on television that is hooked up to our cable (Comcast) and thats in the living room. Its crucial! Its only been some hours and we're arguing over what shows to watch. Its like we're living Amish haha! But my brothers are playing on the Xbox360 on another T.V. At the theaters I saw X Files. I somewhat liked it! My sister (Akeiba), hated it, she thought it was dumb. I give it 3 stars maybe. What movie I'm excited for coming out August 6th, SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2! I never read the book(s) but I loved the first movie. Maybe I should. For the rest of the night I plan to read my magazines in my lonesome room and try to get inspiration to sketch. I have to be in an element to sketch lol. Now that four rooms are completed we have two more rooms left to do. The office and family room is now what we have to clean out tonight, rghh.
Well see you in the morning,

Good Night!

DIY Necklaces. Fashion Post

I am falling in love with Dries Van Noten. Heres a DIY necklace. Its just a short length necklace and chunky bangles. Very simple right? I'm going to make one soon and post a picture once I purchase the Bangles and chain. Hit Or Miss?

Sorry, Heres Tuesday's Diary

Dear Bligary,

Today I had to clean like crazy, with the help of only myself. I know, its taking me forever to clean, its because I keep getting distracted by the computer or food. Haha. So I managed to snap a few before shots of my room on my Sidekick. Sorry if their too dark to see! My room looks a total mess, and very plain. lol Almost as if I'm incarcerated. Now for the new theme for my room, Vintage Black and White, with mellow yellow walls to add some color. I'll post my plans of the furniture in it!

Good Morning!

Morning Everyone! Today my madre had woken me up at around 9, which is way too early for me! Its because my room is being redone now. I had to clean up all my junk. I collect over 300 magazines and I really don't want to throw away any because I look at them for further reference on fashion or posing inspiration. She can't seem to understand that. I know for sure I want to keep my Teen Vogues, Marie Claires, Allure, and Miss Behaves. I own a bunch more of other brands but I guess I'll sacrifice them ;[.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sunday was my little cousin Josiah's first birthday! He's too cute isn't he? Well the party was fun, alot of people were there (mainly adults there of course). His theme was Disney themed. He hated the birthday hat and he did not like the cake! Haha. I did... The party was all good until a little child was playing in the jumper, he brother flipped him in the air and made his nose hit his knee. Blood was everywhere and a huge bump covered his face. They took him to the hospital and it was reported broken. Poor kid, but he is bad so... Little cousin I'm happy your a year old and I can't wait for you to start walking!

Plans of My Life

Okay so Heres a list of my life goals
[ ]Have a clothing line
[ ] Have a bedding line
[ ] Have a shoe line
[ ] have a cosmetic line
[ ] have a perfume line
[ ] own television network
[ ] Act in movies
[ ] own magazine brand.

A lot right?
Can I do it? I think I can. the clothing is already getting set in motion in mid 2009 I plan to be pretty far with drawings.

Shopping Like a Mad Man! No Mad Woman lol..

Well Soon and very soon I have to go wardrobe shopping.
I'm donating/giving away a ton of my clothes because I'm getting new ones
So heres a list so far, you other fashion Lovers anything I should add on?
The List:
Striped cardigan
preppy Blazer
messenger tbag
Seattle rain boots
Blow Fish boots
Ariel Blue Trench Coat
Addison Oxford Jazz shoes
Blow Fish Hobbit Sneakers
Silk neck scarves
Boho Bangles chunky
Those homeless type gloves [the ones that let your fingers show lol]
Black skinny jeans
American apparel black shiny leggings.

First Post!

Hello Bloggers. I had a Blog account already but its been taken over by a gossip site.
So I figured why not make another and post daily like a diary?
I will! I'm always bored.

Dear Bligary,
Today the carpet man came over. Well not really carpet man because we're getting it ripped out and brown wood floors in our house. It looks so good! The man is so fast at doing it. He started in my mother and father's humongous room and is 75% done. I think he might be doing mine tommorow which is an utterly mess. By the way I switched rooms with my brothers since its only me in one room and they need the space. Its just I was really attached to my closet space! Their former closet was tiny... But the closet system people came over today as well so I can get built in drawers and shelvings. Its like HGTV over here minus the television people! Haha... The whole house is being redone. I should take pictures and post before and after. Right now my room is looking like a dungeon with the gray walls and football posters, yuck! Well going on style mob TTYL!