Friday, August 1, 2008

Diary Entry Friday

Dear Bilgary,

I actually went somewhere today! It was a hot day, my aunt from Vegas came to visit to drop off some clothing to her son that lives with my family. He's 11, very funny yet annoying child, but he's intelligent. He has a well extended vocabulary. Better than mine! haha. I've been feeling drowsy all day, maybe from lack of sleep. I should start going to bed earlier now since school is in two weeks. In the evening me and my siblings (along with my cousin & aunt) went to our mall. I actually purchased something necessary, a hot necklace at Hottopic with my favorite weapons; guns and brass knuckles! Its edgy, which is totally one of my favorite things, edge, grunge. I also went to my favorite book store, Barnes a& Nobles to buy my addiction: Magazines and Starbucks. What magazines ey? Glamour Magazine & Cosmo Girl. After the mall I got to drive home partially, I must admit I'm a pretty decent driver but turning quickly is rather challenging for me. But I'm determined to get it down.
Money Success:
If you really know me you'd know I can't save money for my life! Its just so hard, as soon as its in my hand its already in a cash register. Shockingly I've actually been saving money lately! Yay me! Ok, on the day of my birthday I had gotten 300 dollars, I only spent around 200, and put the other 100 something in the bank. Now I have 112! May not sound like much, but for me to I save that since July 9th is crazy, I also have the other half of my money in my papi's pocket which is 200 or maybe he'll put more than that in. After that I'll have 312 or more and I'm happy. Haha then my grandma is sending us some money so I'm going to be pretty loaded!
With my babysitting job I now have I hope she will call me soon for me to babysit I get paid 8 dollars an hour. Cool right? The money will go straight to the bank. The plan for me is to open a checking account so I can order stuff online whenever I want without parents approval cool right? I'm going to the bank to arrange that all next week. No more shopping in stores for me, strictly online I hope.

Nighty Night!

Sarah Brooke

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