Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear God

I haven’t been all I could be. I don’t serve you as much as I should.

When I committed sins, you didn’t turn your back on me when you could.

I thank you for that Father.

I’m trying to change, trying to progress, because without you I become emotionally drained.

I surrender. I truly do.

For it’s only you that helps me get through.

Once I was trapped in the dark, silent tears of unhappiness. Silent tears of confusion. The enemy tried to get a grip of me, but at first I don’t realize because it slowly had crept upon me.

I prayed but not hard enough at first because I was still detained. Until I shouted your name, uplifting you Lord, my sorrow had erased.

I realize that I’ve had to go through valley of hurt, and to still believe that you’d help me, that’s the true meaning of faith.

I trust in you. I know that my life isn’t over, until you say it is.

For now on, I’m going to be all I could be, for I know that Christ lives in me.

-Sarah Brooke

Little Girl Lost, where'd you go?

It’s depressing when someone I know becomes a product of “sex sales” and is now intertwined into the gruesome world that promotes one must bare their bodies to be told that they are beautiful. She wants to be beautiful, wanted, the one men lust for. She forfeited all her morals, now the un-titled promiscuous girl to the moral-ed minds, but beautiful in the shallow minds.

What happened to the girl that once sat beside me and would say how sad it was about the girls exposing them selves in the magazines and television screen? Were you just saying that out of envy?

She’s lost. she’s in a ditch, but she is convinced that the ditch is the best placed to be, she doesn’t care that she sold her soul. Untamed Life’s a b*tch.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why I cut my hair

My opinions on hot I think I look with short hair is like a teeter-totter. Can it please just be balanced, and stay balanced? Sometimes I feel like my short hair is boyish on me.. Then sometimes I'm happy with it. Then one minute I miss having loner hair, and want to dash to the nearest beauty supply for some hair extensions. Not saying I won't do it, because I plan on adding extensions on the side of my hair for Winter Ball, but I'm trying to make myself be comfortable with the real me for now. You know, you should never leave to another home, if your home isn't happy first.. So with that said I need to learn some styling so I won't be bored with my hair. Sometimes I can regret what I did. But what ever, the reason I cut it was to face one of my biggest challenges: Shaving my hair and cutting it. I achieved it, but I have troubles accepting what I did sometimes. I hope I get over it though.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New phase hair cut!

I got my hair cut off, shaved off, and dyed. I wanted to finally take a risk at the things I want to do with my hair, regardless of if its too wild looking to people. I definatlely do like my hair, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes for me it's a bit hard to style it the way I want to. But thats when I had long hair, or weaved hair. lol I find my self wasting so much time trying to find a decent shirt that'll look okay with my hair cut. Like I don't want to look too boyish or something. I know I sound crazy, but I'm trying to get over this. I know short cuts are feminine, it's still taking me time to get used to it. Heres a picture the day after I went to Paul Mitchell's beauty school and had a friend there do it.