Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday Diary Entry

Dear Bilgary,

Hey. I know I've been M.IA. for a day or so but its perfectly good reasoning for that! I had no access to a computer in my house, everyone was on the computers so I just waited as long as I could. Then, when I was able to get on I was too tired to even type! Haha. So, what have I done today? hmm... I finally wen to the nail shoppe and got my acrylic nails taken off of about 4 weeks. I know thats so long to keep them on but, I was so busy to even sit down and wait for them to be removed. Their now painted a neon pink. Very bold, just like my personality I shall say... New topic, tomorrow (Wednesday) is registration for school. Its so soon! I already picked out my outfit, the reason is because we're taking I.D. photos. Last year I did not know that and my school picture for the entire year was hideous! So, I plan to be prepared to look glamorous, ha. Well myself actually, I'm wearing High waisted skinny jeans, blue tee shirt, a bunch of silver bangles, and my new gun necklace I mention on here a couple days ago. As for the hair, a simple flat iron with my ends tucked in and a side bang covering my left eye. Not bad ey?

Okay, so I really though I was the only one, but I had talked to a couple of close friends who are also excited for school! I am excited for the new start, new learning, and making new friends. For the learning I plan to change my study habits, my grades were pretty good last year, but I know for a fact that they could have been better. So with that said homework is coming first as soon as I get home from school after I eat lol. As for friendships, I'm happy with the close friends I have, but I'd love to make more close friends in my life that are from different genres. When I mean that I mean (skater,punk,goth,urban,prep,etc.). I'm not under a label, but I know people who are. My goal is to try to get straight A's even if it kills me. If I have to study until 4 in the morning on a school night to pass my test so be it! I want to come to my school with a highly certain and positive attitude!
Love & hugs,
Sarah Brooke`.

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