Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry Sunday

Dear Bligary,

Hola, I know I didn't post anything yesterday. I apologize! Today I went to church and it was a good lesson. I was on my phone on Nordstroms looking at totes/messenger bags (sorry Jesus!), by the way its a Side Kick Slide. Anyways, after church my sister let me drive to the mall. I was so excited. I don't have a permit or old enough to apply for one yet, only 4 months left so (shh its a secret!)lol. She said I did good, which I did. I was going like 25miles though aahhaha. Anyways, I finally organized majority of my belongings. I chose the clothing I wanted to keep and the rest is being donated to the less fortunate. I am a huge magazine collector, but since my room is being redesigned my mother is making me trash a bunch of stuff! So I had over 500 magazines, and I'm now down to about 45 ;[... Its so heart breaking. So I am only collecting Teen Vogues, Allure, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazzar, and a couple Glamour Magazines. I've been browsing on the internet on what I'd like to spend my saved cash on. I found a couple pairs, but none that excite me, except for Blowfish boos. So whats next for me to organize tomorrow? my purses, shoes, Pajamas, and intimates.

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