Saturday, August 9, 2008

Diary Entry Friday

Dear Bligary,

Hey, I know I have been M.I.A. on here for two days again. I've just been so busy again! So yesterday I went to the Raiders verse the 49ers football game. It was really fun! You know us Raiders fans are the craziest and amped of all, so of course it was hectic in the stands. Me and my cousins who are 16 and 14; we took the Bart alone. Lets just say that the experience was ummm different. People were decent, but of course you do come across rude, smelly, crazy people. I had a good time though, I haven't been to a football came in about 6 years. On the way back from the train, we ran into some friends that neither of us have seen in years which gave us time to catch up. So lastly, we stopped at In N Out (my favorite burger joint).

Whats up with my room?
I haven't posted my After pictures yet, because the rooms had to be painted now. Its actually being painted as we speak. The color is a soft Green. I know what your thinking, Green for a girl? lol, its because I'm having an Indian themed room. I'm back to the canopy bed again and maybe some floor pillows.
What website am I on now?
I am always on a new website. About once a week I become a member on some fun site. So my father told me about its pretty fun! Its pretty much for you to interact, and dance. I need to figure out how to do different dance moves....
Well over & out!

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