Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So long 2008, New Years Resolution.

New years! 2008 was a great year. Finding myself more on who I am or what I want to become. President Obama was elected and now those racial barriers of many years are being broken. My grandpa cried that night of the election, tears of joy. Saying you really can become ANYTHING, even the president. Its crazy right? Just think at where we were when we were first brought (dragged) to America? We were building America and now we've finally got to run it too. He's the first black and man of color president. I've had great losses of close people I knew, but it was their time to go and just have to understand that their gone because the Lord sad it was time to come home.

* Better relationship with God, I really want to be closer to him.
* Stay fit, flatter abs
* Good grades, I need better study habits!
* Go to bed earlier
* Save money
* Spend more time with people I care about
* Do more things with the church
* Learn to sew

Go to New Years eve party with family.

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