Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Falling out part 2

She blames my hair falling out because I'm "flat ironing my dang hair too much". I only flat iron once a week normally, and I don't even bone straight it, nor do I turn the temperature up on the flat iron on high. One some occasions I would do a run through on my roots, or I would put a waver iron quickly through my real hair. I wash my hair about every 6-9 days.

She refuses to believe my hair falling out because of the perm -__-.

Transitioning=hair fall out.

She says "its cause you haven't been getting your perms on that hair". mhm.

I see that there is 2 new patches of just new growth, no perm left there, the hair fell out.
She shakes her head in disapprovement of this.
She says "in a minute you going to be gluing tracks on your head".

I really wish she'd stop being so negative.