Tuesday, November 24, 2009

me singing exfactor

Me singing Exfactor my Lauryn Hill

Hey everyone, I know my posting has been kinda slow... lol But I did a vid of me singing Lauryn Hill Exfactor, my voice a a bit hoarse but its still decent (I hope) lol. So without further ado here's me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Break Outs. UGH!!!!!!!

Ugh.. We all get them at one point in our lives and I can sit here and say I truly dislike it!! Ugh... For the past few months I've had this break outs and its annoying and I can't really figure out why. I honestly don't really drink water that much, but back before these few months I hardly did and my skin would be blemish free. Now its like everyday something flares up on my face. It used to be all over my cheecks of my face and chin, now its nt flaring there that much. Now its on my forhead and t-zone, UGH.... People do you know what I could use or do? I am so fed up.. I use aproicate brand scrub, neutrigena moisturizer, and neutregena face wash with beads. I also am one to pop my pimples (TMI I know lol), its a bad habit, and hard to stop.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy late Halloween!!

Happy late Halloween!! Hey everyone so last night me and my girls got glammed up and didn't really go anywhere. Longggg story. Glammed up for the party and went there for only 3 minuetes and then left. I was a Native American Hottie (Choctaw Pride! lol) and my girls were Rocker's girlfriends. I still had fun though. We just were acting like a bunch of dorks and what not. BTW these photos were taken by my webcam, I have no digital camera anymore :[, I'll be buying another one.