Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Diary Entry Wed.

Dear Bligary,

Today I actually did something other than staying at home! Well I now have nothing in my room but a mattress on the new floors, magazines, fan, and my phone charger. My T.V. isn't in here! I feel so unconnected, we only have on television that is hooked up to our cable (Comcast) and thats in the living room. Its crucial! Its only been some hours and we're arguing over what shows to watch. Its like we're living Amish haha! But my brothers are playing on the Xbox360 on another T.V. At the theaters I saw X Files. I somewhat liked it! My sister (Akeiba), hated it, she thought it was dumb. I give it 3 stars maybe. What movie I'm excited for coming out August 6th, SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2! I never read the book(s) but I loved the first movie. Maybe I should. For the rest of the night I plan to read my magazines in my lonesome room and try to get inspiration to sketch. I have to be in an element to sketch lol. Now that four rooms are completed we have two more rooms left to do. The office and family room is now what we have to clean out tonight, rghh.
Well see you in the morning,

Good Night!

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