Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diary Entry Thurs.

Dear Bligary,
So today was like any other day... I woke up hopped on the computer and chilled. I went on my style mob profile and found out I was most mobbed today, woohoo! lol I was very shocked. hm what next? I realize I don't eat too much, like Today I woke up around 11 and the only thing I had until 7pm was a cup of Hot Mocha. I was hungry but I couldn't eat... Its been like that for some time. I realize that I only have 14 days left until school starts! I'm happy but I need to hurry and shop. ughh. Then I need to get eyes shadows, jewelry, shoes, and supplies. Not to mention my school supplies. I plan on packing light this year. lol My bag was always heavy last year!
I'm getting a messenger bag and a couple totes to switch it up. I'm planning on sketching today because I keep forgetting to draw! Now I'm about to eat dinner. haha.
peace out,
Sarah Brooke`

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