Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear God

I haven’t been all I could be. I don’t serve you as much as I should.

When I committed sins, you didn’t turn your back on me when you could.

I thank you for that Father.

I’m trying to change, trying to progress, because without you I become emotionally drained.

I surrender. I truly do.

For it’s only you that helps me get through.

Once I was trapped in the dark, silent tears of unhappiness. Silent tears of confusion. The enemy tried to get a grip of me, but at first I don’t realize because it slowly had crept upon me.

I prayed but not hard enough at first because I was still detained. Until I shouted your name, uplifting you Lord, my sorrow had erased.

I realize that I’ve had to go through valley of hurt, and to still believe that you’d help me, that’s the true meaning of faith.

I trust in you. I know that my life isn’t over, until you say it is.

For now on, I’m going to be all I could be, for I know that Christ lives in me.

-Sarah Brooke