Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New phase hair cut!

I got my hair cut off, shaved off, and dyed. I wanted to finally take a risk at the things I want to do with my hair, regardless of if its too wild looking to people. I definatlely do like my hair, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes for me it's a bit hard to style it the way I want to. But thats when I had long hair, or weaved hair. lol I find my self wasting so much time trying to find a decent shirt that'll look okay with my hair cut. Like I don't want to look too boyish or something. I know I sound crazy, but I'm trying to get over this. I know short cuts are feminine, it's still taking me time to get used to it. Heres a picture the day after I went to Paul Mitchell's beauty school and had a friend there do it.


Kenzie Leigh said...

i like your hair cut!

Kenzie Leigh said...
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dasia said...

that's a cute cut!