Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Girl Lost, where'd you go?

It’s depressing when someone I know becomes a product of “sex sales” and is now intertwined into the gruesome world that promotes one must bare their bodies to be told that they are beautiful. She wants to be beautiful, wanted, the one men lust for. She forfeited all her morals, now the un-titled promiscuous girl to the moral-ed minds, but beautiful in the shallow minds.

What happened to the girl that once sat beside me and would say how sad it was about the girls exposing them selves in the magazines and television screen? Were you just saying that out of envy?

She’s lost. she’s in a ditch, but she is convinced that the ditch is the best placed to be, she doesn’t care that she sold her soul. Untamed Life’s a b*tch.



Dee O. said...

Your writing is absolutely EXCELLENT. And this was such a powerful thing to write about. It really is sad when someone loses themselves to something like this. Girls need to realize they are just as beautiful covered up as they are with little on and men need to realize that to. But like I said, your writing is so on point! Keep it up, I really enjoyed reading this :)


Sarah Brooke said...

aww thank you :]