Friday, December 3, 2010

Taking Hold The Reigns Upon Me

I once was shackled, held down without my will by the way some people wanted me to be.

I once tried to do it their way, but it back fired on me. It was discomforting, it was completely against the person I perceive myself as.

I forfeited all of it, being captive is not how I’d want to live out my life.

Now that I am confident in my passions, they’re upset that I’m certain with my decisions. Since I didn’t do it their way, now they’re new enemies, against me…

Try to tack me on a wall to be they’re poster, I’m no carbon copy and I finally realize that. I am one in a life time.This is one battle I’ll certainly give my all to win. I’ve put my boxing gloves on and laced them well, this is the fight of my life, I’m in a ring with multiple individuals against me.

I’m going to continue to fight until I’m the only one standing, even if my life slips away as soon as I succeed.


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