Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why I cut my hair

My opinions on hot I think I look with short hair is like a teeter-totter. Can it please just be balanced, and stay balanced? Sometimes I feel like my short hair is boyish on me.. Then sometimes I'm happy with it. Then one minute I miss having loner hair, and want to dash to the nearest beauty supply for some hair extensions. Not saying I won't do it, because I plan on adding extensions on the side of my hair for Winter Ball, but I'm trying to make myself be comfortable with the real me for now. You know, you should never leave to another home, if your home isn't happy first.. So with that said I need to learn some styling so I won't be bored with my hair. Sometimes I can regret what I did. But what ever, the reason I cut it was to face one of my biggest challenges: Shaving my hair and cutting it. I achieved it, but I have troubles accepting what I did sometimes. I hope I get over it though.

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♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

I always think of getting a pixie cut but i never get the guts to go thru with it so kudos to you and i'm sure that in no time you'll begin to feel more comfortable and get over it.

All the best hun :)