Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That's it, it's time to get fit!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to flatten my stomach for so so SO so long and never actually committed to it. When I would, it'd last for like 2 days and that little 'get fit' would go out the door. Now I'm serious. I'm tired of my little pudge on my lower abs, people think its cute (what the?) lol people poke it and laugh. Its not funny to me though. Lol I've always had a little pudge on my lower abs even in my skinny minny days. Now I know dieting isn't the thing, its all about minimizing sweets, and I know thats hard for me because sweets is all around me. To get over it I'll replavce my brownies, cookies, and more with hot chocolate. And that be my sweet. Only one cup of it a day. I will cut out eating bagels for breakfast and switch to oatmeal. I know bagels and cream cheese contains HECKA calories, its so good though! Other than that I don't really eat to bad. I know I do need to drink more h20, I personally don't really like water, I never have. The tastes is yuck and too plain to me. weird eh? I want a body like Ciara, athletic but yet curvy at the same time. She's always had killer abs. That lucky chick!.

Fitness plan: I'll be putting in a 15 minuete work out session a day. Like 60 crunches, 40 leg lifts, 50 lunges, 30 push ups (if I can lol), and the little butt/leg lifter 12-15 on each side. I'm going to try to do it every day. I'll be writing a journal on how I feel and what I ate daily on here. I hope I do well!!

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