Monday, December 14, 2009

I want a new hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hair style extra 1 hair style extra 2:

Hello everyone!! I'm bored with my hair. As many of you probably didn't know I've been working extremely big hair for sometime now, like over a month. Its tree braids with a big fro full of curls and frizz. Lol. I'm now bored. For the past few months I've been wanting to do something completely different to my hair. Something I haven't tried but wanted to, but feared that I can't pull it off or will like it on me. I've always wanted to try a short do and rock it in public, (remember my short wig I own?) Yeah well I never rocked it in public. lol I'm such a scardy cat I know! I really want to get a chin length or neck length hair due. With tons of layers, because hair that curves in on my face makes my face look fat as heck, lol even bigger. If not the short due now, especially since its cold, I'll definately be doing it when it heats up because I'm tired of being shy of people being like WOAH!! YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!. I acutally don't want to cut my actual hair, I want a sew in, and get that cut short. Other than that I've been thinking of having streaks (extensions) of gold or brownish gold in the back of my head. I want china bangs too, not the straight one cut I want it to cascade in layers. I love layers on me.
What do you think I should try??

Haur cut 1

Hair cut 2 (below):

Hairstyle 3 below:

hair style 4 below:

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Bombchell said...

I like posh's hair.

but then again I do all styles, and when i get bored i add extensions.