Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spotlight on Youtuber:misskrisnew

Just a few minuetes ago I found this lady by the name of misskrisnew and I fell in love with her hair! Reasons why I did: She's one of the few people [so far] on Youtube that has a similar hair texture with me, and length so the styles she does could highly work for me as well. She's made this video called Natural hair:Supa Fly High Puff which I am gawking over because the puff she did is AHHHMAZZING. Yall I never knew how to do that string thing to your puff trick, I'd simply do a pony tail holder and call it a day. But I can't wait to try this on my hair. I'm still in a sew-in I have almost a month to go and I'm taking this bad boy out. Don't get me wrong I like the sew-in and how I could add heat and it doesn't mess up my actual hair and all, but I miss my natural hair! ;[[ The volume and the kinks and curls. The bananna clip fro hawk I'd do. Ain't knowthin like my real hair. 2 years ago I would have never been saying this. As I think back at it now on how I didn't like my natural hair. I didn't know how to take care of it and didn't know what I was missing out on.
Misskrisnew youtube account

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Lady A said...

Loved it sweety! Thanks. I finally went natural and my hair grew out enough where I can put it in a ponytail (not as long as yours). Now I know how to get that like that you did, Thanks again!