Friday, May 29, 2009

Me and the Wig!

Whatssss upper!!! [lol], remember the bob wig I purchased? well it arrived a long time ago and its adorable!! I was going to post sooner but I completely was side tracked. I thought to take pictures so you could see what it looks like on!Its not fully on my head in the pics, I didn't wrap my hair under...Just put it on for yall to see what it looked like. I can't wait to rock it, lately I've been so into the short cuts and long bobs with blunt bangs. I won't cut my actual hair because I'm growing it out so with this wig I could rock the look I want without actually cutting it. Especially since its really hot where I live. Here it is. Tell me what you all think!

1 comment:

becky said...

i love the bob look. I wished i can wear a wig too so i dont have to cut my hair :/ Ive been wanting a bob cut but im just being a sissy lol.