Thursday, August 6, 2009

My first makeup video!

If your not aware by now I have a makeup obsession. lol. Fell in love with it last Christmas and can't get enough of it! I'm always trying to find tips and tutorials that explain what they did so I could learn because I'm a beginner. I bought makeup books tons of them just to learn to master it and know what the brushes do, and more. lol I finally got the courage to make a video. The look was from this makeup book I have. and it explains pretty well. Theres more tutorials to come, so subscribe to my channel to watch me progress!

What I used:

  • *N.Y.C. eyeliner in black
  • *Inuovi shadow in Blonde
  • *Wales [japense brand] 40 color pallette in Black
  • *N.Y.C. eye/lip pencil in dark Brown
  • *N.Y.C liquid eyeliner in black
  • *Eyelashes
  • *Avon lip stain gloss in dark brown


  • MAC 239
  • Small blender brush
  • Sephora crease brush
  • Sephora shadow brush

Heres pictures of the results,


Miss Odukoya xx said...

Your tutorial was very nice...Great tipss..
Thanks for following my blog :)

driven9 said...

You have a dope blog and your really cute...
Mad props on the blog.

the rockstar kid'