Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eyebrow Obsession! brow haul

hola chicas!Lately I've been obsessed, wait let me write that in caps, OBSESSED OBSESSED OBSESSED with having good looking brows! About 2 months ago I got my brows waxed along with plucked, and it was done ridiclously thin! I don't really like thin brows on me at all, I was so upset. It took a long time for it to grow back, and it still is, I already have pretty thin brows to begin with. So I stalked makeup mavens on youtube to try to learn how to fill in and draw thicker brows in, it kinda worked but I wanted to learn it better, get the brow shadow instead of just penciling in my brows. I was browsing online and saw shadow stencils! I was so happy to find the site. I checked out sephora first and there stuff was $35 dollars which I wouldn't mind getting but I would be mad if the color was too light on me if I ordered, because it only came in one color.

So I googled and found a website called eyebrowz and its an entire site for your eyes! I bought the kit and I can't wait to recieve it. Says it comes in 3 to 5 days. Since my hair is black rinsed [temporary black dye] I ordered the soft black and soft charcol brow color. The dark brown seems like it would be too light. The kit was 36 bucks, (some where in the upper 30's) worth it to buy because you got to choose 6 brow stencils from their big collection of brow shapes, the 2 powders in colors you choose, a little eye brow bag, and 3 brow brushes.


Miss Odukoya xx said...

oh wow!! I am definitely going to check that website out..
I like your blog

Sarah Brooke said...

thanks :]]

Doreenblessed said...

oh thnx girlie