Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I bought a wig [ i know i get im too young to have one]

[i LOOK a mess in this picture lol]

I'm a fan of I got this interest in wigs [my mother laughs at me cause she doesn't get why I like wigs at such a young age], I think they are so cool! i like them becuase they are fun. I could be blonde hair with out dying my hair one day, and the next black haired lol. I'm digging the wig alot. . Its a little long in the back, I wish it were shorter, but its still very cute. I'm rocking it still! lol ! I get told I'm weird to like wigs now, too young, etc. Oh well hahaa.


Rai said... shipping is so cheap!
Is that human hair?

becky said...

its very cute girl!

Amanda Allison said...

I like bangs on you. You should get some!

Olivia said...

Cute wig! Is your hair natural? I tagged you with the Honest Scrap Tag! Please do it =D

Sarah Brooke said...

heyy! Yep I'm natural