Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on me & my hairstyle

So I'm sorry I haven't been on here in some days! I'm sick with broncitus, and newly discovered I have asthma... Yes its disgusting, I'm coughing all the time and you know what comes up with the coughing. But I wanted to atleast post something today, and try to get to all of what I wanted to post tommorrow. I'm excited for next week because its when I get my hair done! [woohoo] lol. I currently have tree braids in and its really about time for these babies to come out, I have a good amount of NG (new growth) from what I could see. My upcomming hairstyle: Extensions/sew-in. I want a sew-in because the weather is so fickle right now in California, one day its hot and then the next day its raining. I love rocking my natural hair, but when its cold, rainy, and the winds blowing uncontrollably Its a no-go for me. So I ordered the extensions, its Indian, not Indian remy so its high quality! I'm excited it'll be my first time with some really expensive extensions. The most I've spend is like $120 a pack, I guess thats alot as well. hmm? I got it in 1B and its slightly curly, the woman told me that it doesn't knot [she had some in her hair] I felt how soft and natural looking it was so I was sold. Best part is that its the kind that you could re-use if taken care of properly, doesn't knot, and easy to comb

QUESTION FOR READERS: now ladies have you ever re-used your extensions? For weaving/braiding etc? And how was it?

The Style I want:

Basically I want it like the bombshell J-Hud's but shorter like up to the top of her bust line and more of a bang. I love her hair color I'm guessing thats a 1 or 1b.

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