Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make Up I bought 2 weeks ago

I went to Vegas a few weeks ago, with the family. If you don't know by now I have a major obsession with makeup! It just began this year and I love it. I've been buying tons of makeup books within the last 2 months currently owning 4. I haven't done a makeup video yet because I've been busy, but I manage to purchase makeup I like. I was in the Vegas mall and came pass a mineral makeup counter that had nice shadows. It was 2 for $40, but I learned how to bargin and the kind lady gave me 3 for $3o. Woohoo! I like the makeup because it can be used for anything. From lipgloss just by adding vasilene, blush, cream eye shadow by adding water etc, its never ending of all the posibilites! I will definately be buying more of these babies, they are awesome.
Shades: Green, Red, and Blue.
Exact color numbers: #454, #406, #432
Brand: Puree & color revolution



very vibrant cant wait to see a look!

Sonya said...

Those colors look great. I love vibrant bright colors :)