Thursday, July 29, 2010

Transitioner Offically

So me going natural is official. I've already had someone complain to me saying "WHY are you going natural when you wear weaves anyways?" The way this person see's is that if your NATURAL you should just wear it natural, like a fro' because thats the point of being natural. blahhh. Being natural is best because of the versitility! I can go straight, curly, fro', or even add a few tracks for flare. But no the complainer doesn't see that point at all, they just think if your wearing your hair straight or with added hair you should get a perm Point blank. - ___-

I'm so tired of the complainers on hair that has nothing to do with them. Then the complainer said "It'll take a long time for your hair to grow back". I said "I know, so its best I start now." The complainer was left mad, and I was mad as well. Like seriously, I'm so tired of this! I for one rarely straighten my hair, I twist it because I have curly extensions, but from time to time I like to wear extstentions. I can't wait to go natural. I miss it. I miss the freedom of washing my hair everyday if I wanted to and not worrying about if it breaks off from the chemicals mixed with water. I'm doing this all for me. Not for anyone else. I felt like a sell out the moment the perm was applied to my hair. I felt guilty and ashamed. I am excited for my journey.

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